Support you can feel comfortable with.

A key part of moving towards wellness is finding providers who’s support workers you feel comfortable with. We want to reassure our clients that the Brave Minds Social Services team consists of highly experienced and skilled support workers with a diversity of skills that are required to support an individual through their recovery journey.  

The staff who support you

Brave Minds Social Services requires that all staff have a minimum of 5 years experience working alongside people who suffer a severe, persistent long term mental illness and or tertiary qualification within the human services field. 

Our strict employee criteria ensures staff have the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best possible care.

Driven to reach the best outcome.

We consistently maintain the highest standards of service delivery for psychosocial recovery. In helping people achieve the best outcomes for their mental health, we strive to optimise an individual’s social, emotional and personal wellbeing.

Supporting clients for the long run.

Our vision is to successfully provide a long term community service that helps a person achieve their goals that will assist them to live a meaningful, satisfying and purposeful life.

Treating every person as individual.

We acknowledge an individual as being the expert of their own life and value the privilege in walking alongside a person through their recovery journey. 

Our team

Jonathan Rogers


Sharon Hawke


Kellie Maddick


Carol Rennie


Sally Krimmer


Sandra Postlewaight


Hayden Chapman


Jasmin Gingane


Julienne Dime


Talk with us about how we can help you.

The team here at Brave Minds  are dedicated to providing Australians with safe and supportive services to assist with mental illness recovery. Call us today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.